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From concept through completion.



Proper planning prevents poor performance and saves money.  Know where you are.  The best map in the world is useless if you do not first know where you are?  Next, where do you start?  We help you determine in this process what the next probably steps should be.  Determine the next steps – figure out the rights steps to get from where you are to where you want to be.  Figure out the right order to execute these steps.  Do it right the first time—this isn’t an etch-a-sketch that you can shake and start over.



Our team of highly skilled design professionals, from church architects to constructions professionals, help define your vision, develop a master plan, and identify growth potential. This, in turn, helps you expand your vision and communicate effectively with your congregation.

Owner participation is vital throughout the church design process. In fact, this is where the core design information resides. Specific input is needed while schematic drawings are created. Changes can easily be made at this point, whether they are function driven or cost driven.

Principles that have worked for other churches can be reviewed and considered, providing new and fresh ideas. Resident architects and church specialists provide all construction documents necessary for building.

Our church architects’ close relationship with our construction teams gives them a working knowledge of design phase costs, current construction techniques and materials, and a comprehensive understanding of the design potential versus available construction funds.



You will not find a more economical way to construct a church or building unit with greater stewardship than with our Design/Build Process.  We can take you from the Master Planning stages all the way to occupancy of your new building!  C-CUBED, LLC understands that the most successful projects involve the client through every major phase of the project : design, architecture, engineering, and construction. We call this team-oriented approach the Design/Build Process, and we firmly believe it’s the best way to fully understand, adjust to, and meet (and exceed) your needs.

Partnering with C-CUBED, LLC in the Design-Build Process helps assure the best results at the fairest price. It makes you feel better about the project, helps eliminate surprises at every step, and gives church leaders the added satisfaction of having played a meaningful role in the development of an amazing new space.

Simply contact us at C-CUBED, LLC and we will arrange a meeting with you and your building committee to explain our program in greater detail and discuss your specific needs. This service is offered at no cost or obligation to the church.



Raising Funds for Building Your Church or Debt Retirement.

A Church Capital Campaign is a spiritual endeavor that produces huge financial results.  A capital campaign is an important part of every church’s financial strategy, whether it is looking to raise money for construction or retire debt. One of the goals of the capital stewardship program is to help people understand that a Kingdom need gets a Kingdom provision, and that this provision is made through the proper stewardship of God’s people.

A Capital Campaign should be based on two foundations; the Word of God and the best practices for capital fundraising.  Through a process of prayer, preaching, teaching, education, and transparent communication, your members will grow in their faith and in their faithful giving.  There are many benefits from a church capital campaign, which may be categorized, as spiritual and financial.

The spiritual benefits of a professionally facilitated capital campaign are:

  1. Improved biblical understanding of God’s plan of providence and stewardship.
  2. Increased faith in the promises of God.
  3. The blessings that flow from doing things God’s way as it pertains to stewardship.
  4. Increased spiritual excitement.
  5. Increased unity in the body



C-CUBED, LLC can assist your church with a wide range of services:
– Obtaining Construction Loans
– Obtaining Re-Financing
– Cash Flow Projections
– Analysis of Financial Ability to Build
– Budget and Finances – review and analysis
– Construction budget setting and cash flow projections

C-CUBED, LLC will take the role of assisting the church in sizing any potential debt it might need to incur, and then provide services, either as a broker or agent of the church, to develop various alternative structures and sources for obtaining funds.  We will help the church understand what it can afford, where the resources are to pay for it’s borrowing, and to stay within the boundary of scripture regarding debt.  After serving on Bank Boards for the last 20 years, we know the lending market is tough at best, and even more so for churches.  Fewer lenders are lending to churches and those that do have tougher lending criteria than ever before. We will provide expert assistance in obtaining church financing with rates and terms that are most advantageous to the church.



We are strategically positioned to assist entities with their community needs.  From Leadership Development Training to enhanced services offered to better connect your entity with the community you want to make the biggest influence.  Life moves at the speed of relationships. Political Consulting, Strategic Planning and Leadership Development/Team Building.

Let’s Meet.

Simply contact us and we will arrange a meeting with you to explain our program in greater detail and discuss your specific needs.

This meeting is offered at no cost or obligation to the church.

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