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Jay Carney


I am sharing with you 32 years of experience in the construction industry.  I was raised in a construction family so construction has always been a part of my life.  My first full time construction job came when I was 12.  Wallace Construction hired me as a laborer on the construction yard.  I worked my way through college and subsequently interned as a project manager for TL Wallace Construction in 1986.

After years of project management experience and completion of his MBA, Wallace then promoted me to  Secretary/Treasurer/VP while still leading estimating and business development efforts.

In 2007, the corporate board appointed me as President.  We lead to the successful diversification of the corporate business model by transitioning a horizontal construction firm into a full-service construction firm, consisting of seven specialty trade divisions building things like industrial plant work, office buildings, churches, hotels, schools, recreational buildings, government buildings, homes, multi-family housing, marinas, hangars, airports, highways, utilities, and dams.  I have spent a very rewarding life converting raw land to completed construction projects.

My construction career has taken me across the United States, so I know how construction differs in Las Vegas…Orlando, Florida…Houston, Texas…New Orleans, Louisiana…Jackson, Mississippi and hundreds of other locations.

I have worked as a construction laborer, field engineer, sub-contractor, erector, project manager, and a general contractor.

My experience as a Construction Executive with over 32 years and $1.5B+ in corporate management experience  includes: general contracting, design-build management, sustainable construction and professional services (PM/CM/Consulting).  I have a strong background and education in corporate management, business development/affairs, and communication techniques.

Most important of all, my knowledge is based on the REAL WORLD of hard knocks.  I definitely started at the bottom and worked my way up to ownership.  After a lot of mistakes and misconceptions, I have learned how to think like the owner.  I’ve signed the contract to build it and I’ve signed the mortgage to own it.

RULE:  Never take the advice of anyone, until you know their background.  (Now you know mine.)

C-Cubed, LLC helps bring expertise, objectivity, and accountability to each idea.
Ultimately, systems produce what systems are set up to produce.  We help provide the processes and answers to specific questions.

How do we accomplish our mission?
– Help you plan well.
– Help you raise the money to achieve your vision or arranging financing.
– Our TQM (Total Quality Management) process helps deliver your project at the lowest real cost in your market.

 There is power in we. “I may not have the answer, but we do. ” We must navigate along the road called life.

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